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Photo Recap Group Exhibition “Analog Y”

Here is a photo recap of our latest Group Exhibition “Analog y”

“The Diagram is the possibility of fact, it is not fact itself. All figurative facts must disappear; and, above all, a new figuration must … emerge from the diagram and carry clarity and precision with it. To emerge from the catastrophe … (Deleuze 1981)

With our latest exhibition we have set out to exhibit a group of artists who work within the scope of analog painting referencing the analogical representational elements of work that could be seen as figurative or representational at times. We have pulled from Gilles Deleuze’s reference to Analogical painting as reference to interpret a new generation of emerging painters who pull from representation, distorting it through a new diagram as Urban contemporary artists. The artists exhibiting further the conversation of painting in a post-historical era of art where figures and representation is not bound by historical narratives or for that matter the conceptual ideology of contemporary art. These artists embrace aesthetics as a mode of difference, not as a mode of illustration. The paintings engage a deeper sense of sensation, as familiarity is only the start of a conversation where the interpreter engages with the work. Each artist transforms and filters reality through their personal diagram or what Deleuze calls Catastrophe, modulating this reality transforming the output of painting that becomes a product of this process. Artists exhibiting work are Arnaud Liard (France), Blo, (Germany), Cekas (Poland), Optimist (US), Pro 176 (Spain), Vogue (US).