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Press Release

886 Geary Gallery is proud to present “FLICKWERK™”, a solo exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery by the artists MOSES & TAPS™. The opening reception will be Saturday, December 12th, from 7-11 pm, the exhibition is free and open to the public for through January 9th, 2016.

About the Exhibition “FLICKWERK™”

In their first exhibition in the United States titled FLICKWERK™, MOSES & TAPS™ will show works from their eponymous series. Flickwerk is the German word for patchwork but with a slightly negative connotation in direction to a ‘haphazard’ / ‘unprofessional’ way of doing things. In their collage-like images of this series, MOSES & TAPS™ describe the dilemma of two independent artists, each operating in a variety of categories, whose beholder nevertheless request a recognizable characteristic style.

With the FLICKWERK™ show, the artists will create pictorial reinterpretations
of already existing pieces, showing details of the pieces painted on canvas. These details will be cut out, rearranged and then combined to form a new, unique picture, put together specifically for the show itself. Taken out of context, these details have very little to do with their original statements and thus caricaturing the claim to the artists to commit themselves to a single characteristic style.